Monday, May 01, 2006

In Conclusion......

In what may be the last chapter of this online guide, let me share with you the climax of my Explorer odyssey. Mark B. (Mr."find what the others missed), one of my hunting buddies, went to England with our close friend Randy G. to detect the ancient isles for some of its history. They did very well with the techniques and strategies outlined in this guide.

Here is Mark's story.

"It was the last day of the hunt with about 45 mintues left in the day, 4:46pm local time when I checked my watch, and I had been grid searching the whole day an area about 35-40 yards wide , starting at the furthest point and working my way back to the pickup point. I had covered approximately 250 yards when I came to the spot.
I was digging everything that wasn't iron, (I did dig a few of those just to be sure I was not missing anything), I was using the Explorer2 with the WOT coil Sunray X-1 probe. When I got the signal it sound just like a shotgun shell brass casing which Chris said to dig, Chris said to dig everything actually but those particularly as they sound like gold, and I had dug several,.at this point, I looked at the digital display and it read 11-02 which is a good possibilty of being gold. It was about four inch deep I didn't use my digger I just stuck my probe in the soft soil pulled it out and then slowly scooped the soil out with my hand and there she was,a little disc smaller than a nickel and larger than a penny.
At first I did not know what I had, it was caked up with mud but after I wiped that off and saw the gold I started to get excited I was looking at the reverse side which is plain then I turned it over and wiped that side off and saw the Horse I let out a laugh then a bigger Yahoo! Looking around I couldn't see any of my fellow hunters then I saw Dom from Australia off in the distance and then Randy further off. I decided I 'd show Randy first since he and I flew over together from L.A. He couldn't believe it with just around fortyfive minutes left to hunt I found my first gold coin and not just any gold coin a North Thames Celtic from 40 B.C. and according to the experts there are only 6 of these in known exsistence, 2 of which are in the British museum. Quite a trip for me. I'm waiting on the export license now hopefully that will be granted and I can show you personally.

HH Mark

Almost all the information detailed in the blog is from myself, my friends who I detect with and info culled from various forums and websites. Thank you all and HAPPY HUNTING! Bing Trinidad p.s. write to me at I do appreciate the occasional "hi, the blog helped".