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Explorer Sound Files on the Web

Explorer sound files from Treasureport. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the files. Get there by clicking this.

Some more from Jimmyce's web page. Right here.

Ex. Quarter

This is neat stuff for those that have yet to buy their Explorers.

Chapter 8: Digital ID Chart for Minelab Explorer

This chart is from the Explorer ring at MSN groups. The pic is a sampling of what is there. Click here Posted by Picasa

and some more as posted by Mike (Virginia Beach) in

One Dollar, Silver Eagle 00--15
One Dollar, Morgan 00--25,26
One Dollar, Eisenhower, clad 00--26,27
1/2 Dollars, walking Lib 00--28
1/2 Dollars, Franklin 00--28
1/2 Dollars, Kennedy, clad 00--28
1/2 Dollars, Capped Bust 00-29
Quarter standing Lib 00--29
Quarter, Wash, Silver 00--29
Quarter, Wash, Clad 00--29
Quarter, Statehood 00--29
One Dollar, Susan B. 00--29
One Dollar, Sacagawea 00--29
Quarter seated Lib 01--29
Draped Bust 02--29
Barber Dime 02--29
Seated Liberty Dime 03--29
Mercury Dime 03--29
Roosevelt Silver Dime 03--29
Wheatie 04--28,29
Gold 20 Dollars 04--29
Screw Caps 06/07 27/28
Memorial 06--27
Gold 10 Dollars 07--07
Gold 5 Dollar 07--22
3 cent silver 07--24
1/2 dime 07--24
Indian Head 07--25
Gold one dollar 08--04
Pull tabs 08/09 08/10
Gold 2.5 Dollar 08--10
Flying Eagle 08--11
18 kt 08-11 02-09
Indian Head, Fatty 08--12
5 cent, Silver war nickle 09--07
Beaver Tails 10--4
5 cent shield 10--05
5 cent, Liberty V 10--05,06
5 cent, Indian Head, Fatty 10--05,06
5 cent, Jefferson 10--06
14 kt 10-12 00-06
3 cent nickle 11--02
Foil 11--02
mens large ring 11--12
Wheatie, steal 31--28
Silver Quarter 00--29
Gold 20 Dollars 04--29
Gold 10 Dollars 07--07
Gold 5 Dollar 07--22
3 cent silver 07--24
1/2 dime 07--24
Indian Head 07--25
Half Reale 07--27
Gold one dollar 08--04
Gold 2.5 Dollar 08--10
Flying Eagle 08--11
Jeff. Nickel 10--06
War Nickel 09--07
ā€œVā€ Nickel 10--05
3 Cent Nickel 11--02
Steel Cent 31--28

Chapter 7 - Selective Discrimination for Beach Hunting

I generally dont recommend using any sort of discrimination on the Explorer due to depth concerns, however, the exception is when hunting for fresh drops at the beach. The following hunting strategy, in my opinion, is best suited for mid to shallow targets.

At the beach, I primarily look for fresh drops so depth is not a big issue. Why concentrate on "fresh drops" you may ask. Because in summer, they are a plenty. Also, with the number of detectorists in my area and the beach cleaning monster machines that scrape Socal beaches, fresh drops comprise 95% of my good finds. This is particularly true to hunting in the dry sand. What you dont find now, will likely be pick-uped by the next MDer, and vice versa. The early bird gets everything in Socal.

Time, rather than depth is your most valuable resource. Beaches stretch for miles and cover hundreds if not thousands of acres. A beach is a target rich environment and maximum coverage is the key to maximum finds. This is how a DISC pattern can lead you to more treasure. Selective discrimination will allow one to speed hunt with the Explorer and cover as much ground as possible.

See for yourself what Philo_NY has found in one season (and that is not even the lot of it) using his selective discrimination strategy. Then read in his own words his use of the LEARN function on the Explorer. For those that dont have much gold for LEARNing as yet, the reverse strategy of LEARNing the junk as described by Cody is also described below.

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Now, this is what I did a few years ago...

One, take all the gold you have available... go to learn on your Explorer I or II and program in as much gold that you have... all of it, rings, chains, bracelets, medallions, pendants, small rings, large rings, coins..all KtS 10, 14, 18, and 24 including Platinum. You need an all black screen to begin... all small gold you need to have a medium cursor, The large gold you can go with the small cursor.

It takes time and patience, and do remember to lower your sensitivity very low because you'll start picking up other metals or frequencies and you'll need to start all over again. So, you set the cursor to the needed size, and you press the accept button (The Check Blinks)and you should get a white box for the gold you have just programed, but remember to swing slowly and evenly... by going very slow make sure you receive a strong signal, now stop moving the coil away from the target and press the accept button again and pass the coil over the gold and you should receive a strong signal from that gold... Now get another piece of gold, pass the coil and see if you receive a signal, if you do, you don't need to program that particular piece of gold...keep swinging the coil slowly on all your gold and the ones that are not producing a strong signal, program that piece of gold into the Explorer...Hint...on chains... bunch it up, lay them out straight and make sure you receive a strong signal, now chains are an exception because very thin chains may not be seen by the Explorer, so you may need to bring up the Sens... till you receive a signal.... The only bad thing is that you'll have to make sure you are away from any other metal, power lines, air ports, passing planes, or taxis. They will produce frequencies and cause your Explorer to open spots on the screen you don't want to open... Take your time.

I tried programing the gold with the air test, but it's not the same....with the air test, you'll have to make sure that only the gold you are waving in front of the coil is giving off the signal. So go do it at the beach, on the sand or even bury the gold at one or two inches so you get the same response as if you are hunting, and PLEASE, PLEASE...make sure there are no metals in sight in the ground, or sand for an area of at least 5 feet to get the proper programing.

Now, once you have gotten every gold item to ring when you swing the coil over the program by hitting that little box that's opening and closing, because if you reset your Explorer you are going to lose the program.... you will also lose it if you send in your Explorer for repairs and her board is replaced or cleared. Be sure you ask people you know if you can test to see if you are picking up their gold, if not try to program that piece into your program with the procedure in the pass paragraphs...

Now remember that you are discriminating a lot of other metals, say 90% and you'll need to find the right sensitivity level and coil speed to your swing when you hunt.

When you get those options in them also... This is not a fool proof method, because you are still going to pick up pull tops, but get this... there are over 250 variations of pull tops out there, this will eliminate 60 to 70% of them, same goes with the foil, and other foil like will by digging foil.... but, I guarantee you will dig less trash in a trashy beach and you will bring more gold home... I would post a picture which I had posted years ago, but because people became so objected and began making remarks I did not deserve, I will refrain from posting that picture, but some hunters here know me and know the kind of finds I dig in the summer months...well good hunting and e-mail me if you need something cleared up... Well here a little teaser...

Yours, the GoldMagnet



ed - Or in reverse, one can learn the trash and set them for reject as describe here:


User may not have a lot of gold so there is another way to do this. I guess it could be thought of as a negative image (of the above set-up). Go to LEARN and rejected trash targets with the smaller cursor, box pixel which will leave gold that is not an exact match to the rejected trash to still be detected. It is fairly easy to learn trash to be rejected with a single dot pixel, store this in a memory location, then add select this to kill most pulltabs and still get gold rings from very thin to the heavy ones. There are several different ways to do this but the idea is to reject with a tight single pixel so when we sweep the coil we hear a hit then can zero in and sweep the coil right over the center of the target and if it matches our tight pattern then it is rejected. There is enough difference in most pulltabs and rings to reject pulltabs and still get the rings. I will also fine tune by being sure all silver coins and rings both silver and gold are still detected. As you indicate as near as I can tell this will knock out about 75% of the trash pulltabs.


Due to the high trash to target ratio in the dry sand, there is much to be gained by following the outlined strategies.

Special thanks to Philo_NY for granting permission to use his advice here and taking the time to write them. Philo_NY is currently producing an Explorer video.