Friday, December 30, 2005

Battery Chargers

If your going to use rechargeable batteries, save you money by investing in a good charger. Here are a couple thatll do the job. You know what they say, the right tool for the right job. Both will charge, peak detect, refresh, cycle, MONITOR CAPACITY and are editor's choice awardees from PC PHOTO and Outdoor Photography magazines. Git 'er done!

You'll need two of these La Crosse charger

or one of these MAHA 8 cell charger

For the more technically inclined, this will be more flexible Multiplex Multi Charger but will require a power supply and adapters/battery holders. It will charge even lithium batteries.

And for the best NIMH batteries around. The new ENELOOP cells from Sanyo will hold a charge indefinitely. Its 15% capacity loss per year is a technical miracle. ENELOOP by Sanyon

I am in no way connected with any of these online merchants. Happy New Year! /bing

p.s. the original wall charger will work, but if you dont want to be plagued by short rechargeable battery life, inconsistent performance and poor reliability, a first grade charger is the only way to go. Otherwise, buy alkaline.